Ramtin Dehkhoda LA.c, Masters In Science

Clinic Founder

Ramtin Acupuncture

Areas of Specialty

Orthopedic- Pain or injury of joints & muscles. 

Athletic performance- Professional athletes. 

Mental/Spiritual health- Anxiety, depression, bipolar, stress, loss/grief.

Stress management- Entrepreneurs/Professionals.

Digestive disorders- Acid reflux, crohn's , IBS, U.C

Fertility- Female and Male.

Migraine and headache


Bell's palsy


Menstural disorders

picture of ramtin dehkhoda
Ramtin Dehkhoda Entrepreneur

About "RAM"


  • Founder of San Diego Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. 

    • He is a skilled Traditional Chinese Medicine  primary care practitioner. TCM is a complete medicine that can treat any disease.  He specializes in internal medicine ranging from Digestive disorders to Autoimmune and Psycho Emotional disorders using herbal medicine and acupuncture. 

    • He also specializes in Orthopedic disorders. He is an avid athlete who understands first hand orthopedic injuries and imbalances. He uses many modalities to treat chronic pain and injuries including rehabilitative exercise therapy, ART, Guasha, E-Stim and many more modalities as needed,  He works closely with Doctors and Physical Therapists to help patients achieve their goals. 

    • Herbal Medicine is his passion. With a background in chemistry, he has a firm understanding of herbs from both the Chinese categorizations and from a pharmacological prospective. His clinic has a detached pharmacy with over 700 herbs which he uses to write custom formulas for his patients. 


  • Founder of the herbal software company Myherbpharm

    • He has spent over 5 years developing a software and fulfillment system with the intention of revolutionizing and helping share the use of herbal medicine in the United States. He has won many awards and has been featured on Fox News, KUSI, the Union Tribune, Pacific Beach Bay and Press, and other publications for his work.

  • Owner of the local health food Cafe Rum Jungle in Pacific Beach.




Initial Acu Visit (1.5hr)                                    $ 120

Initial Acu Visit + Herbal Consult  (1.5hr)    $ 150

Herbal Consult (30min-1hr)                        $ 100

Follow Up Acu (1hr)                                     $ 100  

Veterans/Fire/Students                            $ 75


K-Tape                                                   $ 25

Profession Stretch (1hr)                      $ 100

Medical Massage                                $ 100

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