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Dr. Kim Drolet L.Ac.

A joyful heart is good medicine.


Dr. Kim Drolet is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine,

a California and Nationally Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

who is passionate about helping people live happier, healthier,

longer lives. In addition to treating patients, she also is Adjunct

Faculty and Clinic Supervisor at Pacific College of Health and

Science. She holds a Master’s of Science of Traditional Oriental

Medicine, and a Doctorate of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine,

both from Pacific College of Health and Science here in San Diego.


Dr. Drolet also had the pleasure of studying in China at a Traditional Chinese Medicine in the city of Chengdu. There she witnessed the breadth and power of all aspects of Chinese Medicine, including acupuncture, herbs, manual therapies, and lifestyle guidance. It was there she became particularly inspired to integrate herbal formulas into treatments for better results, as well as incorporate

external herbal treatments to many conditions, including skin conditions.


Dr. Drolet has had a variety of health challenges herself, and she brings with her in all her treatments an empathy towards the human condition and its particular expression in an individual’s life. It is her mission to use the insights and approach of Chinese Medical theories and techniques to positively impact the health and wellness of her patients.


Dr. Drolet has a variety of specialties and interests, and always welcomes questions from prospective patients to see if Chinese Medicine is an option for your symptoms and health challenges.


Specialties and Areas of Interest Include:


Back, sciatica, knee, shoulder and neck pain

Digestive disorders

Women’s health, menopause, menstrual symptoms

Stress, depression, and mental health

Dermatology, skin conditions

Allergies and sinus symptoms

Pediatrics, newborn to teenagers

Men’s health, prostate and urinary symptoms

Migraines and headaches

Breathing disorders, COPD, asthma

Fertility (male and female), placenta processing

Pre- and post- surgery support



Kim is amazing! I have seen Kim weekly now for about three months. I was breaking out due to stress and dealing with other minor health issues. I can report that my skin has never been more clear (I get compliments all the time on my glowing skin) and feel so great! She has turned my overall health around, and I cannot be happier.

  • Elizabeth S.


I have been twice and FINALLY my feet feel better! I have been in ridiculous pain since December! I tried the internist, the podiatrist, every shoe and insert there is out there as well as chiropractic care for months. Nothing helped until I met Kim. I am so thankful to have found her.

  • Genyne B.


I tend to be a skeptic, but I also try not to dismiss anything I haven't experienced. I've tried acupuncture before and it didn't do anything except lighten my wallet. Kim very subtly convinced me to give it another shot. So I gave Kim an hour of my Friday, and she absolutely liberated me. I had a tight trapezius muscle that was in constant pain. First session toned it down dramatically. After the second session I had no pain at all. I also felt my stress level drop and it stayed down throughout the week. I don't know how or why it works, but I'll be damned if Kim didn't fix me right up! Strongly recommend her.

  • RJ, J.


This woman knows the medicine well and will do whatever she needs to bring you healing. She's the kind of healer that thinks about when you're not around playing with herbs and different needling ideas to fix whatever imbalance is off. She's also affordable and flexible: she's a healer in the true sense of the word---she makes you feel important, is on your side and will give you a solution...

One of the top in San Diego!

-Shawna, S.

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