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Dr. Ana Valderrama, DACM, L.Ac. 

About Dr. Ana V.


Dr. Ana V. is a dedicated holistic healthcare professional with a doctorate from the Pacific College of Health and Science. Her expertise lies in Functional Integrative Medicine, a specialization she acquired through the Brazilian Academy of Functional Integrative Medicine. With over a decade of experience in the field, Dr. Ana V. has become a seasoned practitioner in holistic health, focusing on areas such as fertility, women's health, mental-emotional disorders, disease prevention, and graceful aging.

Dr. Ana is the mother of 2 young children and has experienced the wonders and struggles of conception, pregnancy, and pre/postpartum periods. She understands the challenges of raising a child and providing a safe, nurturing and healthy environment while engendering a well-adjusted citizen. 


Mission Statement


To use my knowledge and experience to support patients on their journey of healing. To listen with an open heart, to empathize and with compassion, customize a course of treatments which best fits patients’ needs and desires. To make use of the necessary healing modalities to allow patient recovery in the most efficient way. To empower patients with means to improve their own health so they may maintain their physiological and emotional balance and avoid illnesses. To respect and care for all patients who seek my support with gratitude.

Vision Statement


To continuously invest in my personal and professional growth in order to be a better version of myself on personal and professional spheres each day. To inspire family, friends, patients and the community to value their health and wellbeing and together shape a healthier world.

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A good community is made of healthy and balanced individuals. Physical and emotional health begins with good habits and prevention of illnesses.

Erin P.

I was the infertile of the infertile, six and a half years of infertility treatments, road block after road block, including doing IVF through a pandemic. When I met Dr Ana, I was getting ready for an embryo transfer with the reality that my husband and I might possibly be living a child free life.

From the moment I started working with Dr Ana, I knew she was an amazing practitioner. She was always in tune with what would help me both physically, mentally and emotionally. I would leave our appointments relaxed and ready to meet my next challenge. After a few weeks, not only was she able to help get my body ready for an embryo transfer but it was my first successful embryo transfer, my first BFP (big fat positive).

Fast forward three years later, I just got to show Dr Ana, photos of my second healthy baby. Words can not explain my gratitude for everything she did to help me through it all!

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