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Herbal Consult: What to Expect

With the onset of the Coronavirus affecting our global world, the way medicine is being offered has shifted. Common questions we are being asked by our patients are: How can I continue getting treatments if there is a lock-down? What does that look like?


Luckily, the technology that exists has created an availability for us to connect and communicate with each other through the internet. Phones, computers or tablet devices are now mostly equipped with an easy download of an app to be able to reach out to those resources you were once using in-person.


Practitioners who have studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) typically includes professional training in Chinese Herbal Therapy. Of course you could always go to a grocery store and pick up different supplements and herbs; or even order them online with research as to what is a trending herbal supplement that helps a symptom you have that you might google. However, consider that it may be more effective to be sure that you are supporting your body with what it actually needs, not just simply because someone suggested it on their blog or website.

The first thing, always, is to check out the credentials of the practitioner. Herbal Therapy is

not always regulated (depending on state or country) and you want to be certain they have the proper training, experience and the appropriate expertise.

Once you make an appointment, there should be paperwork for you to fill out your health history. The more information the practitioner knows ahead of time, the easier it will be for them to prescribe a customized herbal formula for you with the additional information gathered during your live session.

Your Chinese Herbal prescription is based on such things as current medications, past surgeries, any chronic health conditions for yourself or related family. While you may write everything down in the written intake, there may be questions that repeat when you are answering the questions during the live session. This is a method used to confirm and dive deeper into your body's constitution during the verbal intake. Various questions about your health, your body and your emotions may be asked during this time. All of these things guide your practitioner to meet your specific needs and get you back into balance.


Having your Telehealth session include video is important (but not required--phone consults can be just as helpful if there is no virtual option) because Chinese Face Reading is another way that a practitioner can identify and detect specific characteristics about your health. Our faces reveal different aspects of our organ systems and health conditions. While it may not be discussed with you at time of session, a skilled TCM practitioner may use other diagnostic tools during a Telehealth virtual session such as listening to the sound of your voice, you breathing patterns, and other visual cues about your emotional state.

Next, your practitioner will also ask to see your tongue. As you see from this picture, different parts of the tongue represent different organs. When we look at your tongue's shape, size, color, moisture and coating, it gives a 'window' into how the organs are functioning. TCM practitioners are looking for patterns of disharmony that in combination with what is reported during the intake, health history, the visual of the face and the tongue--all of which is useful information that will guide us to an herbal formula that is right for you. If there is labwork that accompanies any condition you may be requesting an Herbal Consult for, your practitioner may ask you to share that information as well through secure means of gathering your private medical records.

FINAL STEPS: A Customized Herbal Prescription

The entire Telehealth Herbal Consult will last between 30-45 minutes, depending on your situation, level of disharmony, and how complicated your case may be. Once your practitioner has completed all the questions and visual assessments, your session will come to a conclusion. Afterwards an Herbal Formula will be customized and created specifically for you and what ailments you may have discussed with your practitioner.

The Herbal Prescription will then be entered into our partners at and you will receive an email once that order & your info is put into the system. Look for the email, open and follow the instructions to complete the sale by entering your payment preference. It's an easy way to see your order and with payment, this confirms that it will be made in our pharmacy by our skilled board-certified Herbologists.

During the quarantine (or even if you are seen in the clinic in the future), your Chinese Herbal prescription can be mailed to you, and depending on your location, and arrive within 3-5 business days. Special requests for drop-off or pick-up may apply. Instructions should be include or available in a follow-up communication.

Your herbs will either come as raw herbs (see image), a decocted liquid or granular/powder form. Instructions will be on the labeled bottle with dosage, frequency and the most potent way to consume your designated herbal formula.

If you have any questions about your prescription, your practitioner is always available with a quick email or phone call. SDHMA practitioners believe your health as a priority and we encourage you to share your experience with others as well as giving us any feedback for this specialized consultation.

Optional research references, articles or studies can be made available upon request, regarding any specific herbs, herbal formulas, or the TCM benefits of the customized selection of herbs for the patient.

Look for the next upcoming topics covered in this TeleHealth Blog Series.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and send an email, text message or schedule a session online.

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