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Dr. Jacintha "Jaz" Roemer DACM, LA.c, Dipl. O.M.

Chi Nei Tsang Practitioners (Medical Abdominal Massage)

Certified Universal Healing Tao Qigong Instructor

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Chi Nei Tsang, Asian Bodywork to Help Bring the Body Back into Balance.

"The only constant thing is change"

Dr. Jacintha "Jaz" Roemer DACM, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M., specializes in digestive health, emotional balancing and educating others about healing their own bodies through awareness, knowledge and self-care techniques. Dr. Jaz utilizes an ancient Chinese Medical Abdominal Massage called Chi Nei Tsang to help students and patients connect to their organs, emotions and digestive processes. According to Chinese Medicine, the organs not only process food, but emotions as well. If you have emotional imbalances, it often shows up in the organs systems. If you have organ imbalances, there are emotions related specifically to those organs and can provide an indication of which part of the body needs to be worked on using visualization, breathing techniques, or physical touch. She is also a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist and TCM Herbalist which includes 16+ years Asian and Western bodywork experience. She has traveled to Asia on multiple occasions to enrich her education; first to Thailand for a 4 week teacher training course with Taoist Master Mantak Chia in Qigong and Chi Nei Tsang; and second, to China for a 3 week intensive TCM internship at the Chengdu University of TCM. Dr. Jaz is a graduate of both the MSTOM and DACM from PCOM; co-owner of San Diego Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture in Hillcrest. Dr. Jaz offers her services in San Diego and the Orange County/Los Angeles areas; teaching courses, hosting workshops and will soon be offering webinar series for online information on Qigong, Meditation, Chi Nei Tsang and other self-care techniques that can be done anywhere.

Dr. Jaz recently co-authored a book called
"Herbs, Immunity, Health" which focuses on
prevention and intervention protocols to
support the immune system.
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Healing Minute with Dr. Jaz explaining how Acupuncture Works

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More About Dr. Jaz

Dr. Jacintha "Jaz" Roemer is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - San Diego. 


Grew up on a farm in a small town in Wisconsin. She moved to Minneapolis to study art at the University of MN-Twin Cities. While there, having always been curious about meditation she stumbled on an elective course in BodyMind Centering. This was her first introduction to bodywork.

Once she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree she immediately signed up for massage classes at the local massage school: CenterPoint Shiatsu and Massage School and Clinic in 2005.


Here, she met a more supportive community that encouraged her to explore the ideas of massage and meditation. Shiatsu massage exposed Dr. Jaz to the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Also at CenterPoint is when she first encountered Sarina Stone, who introduced her to Chi Nei Tsang and Medical Chi Kung as taught by Master Mantak Chia. After becoming a Shiatsu Massage Therapist, she continued her studies with Ms. Stone which led her to travel to Chaing Mai, Thailand to do a 4-wk teacher training course with Master Mantak Chis at Tao Gardens to become a Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner and Certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor in 2008.


After returning Jaz decided she was tired of the cold in the midwest and moved to San Diego, CA in 2009 to continue her education and attend graduate school to dive deeper into these ancient medicines. In 2012 she completed the MSTOM (Masters of Science and Traditional Chinese Medicine) at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

In 2013 Jaz traveled with a number of PCOM students to Chengdu, China to study Traditional Chinese Medicine at Chengdu University and Hospital.


Jaz is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner, California Licensed Massage Therapist, Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist and Universal Healing Tao Instructor. She currently works at several locations in the San Diego area.


Treating a patient with neck and shoulder pain

with Acupuncture


Using Medical Abdominal Massage (Chi Nei Tsang) to treat digestive issues.