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"Healing starts with YOU!"

Born in Costa Rica and later raised in San Diego as a teen, Polet is a bilingual (English/Spanish) second generation born Oriental medicine specialist. Growing up surrounded by nature and homeopathic medicine, she quickly learned about the significant amount of natural remedies at her disposal. As a young child, she was diagnosed with kidney disease and severe skin allergies, which were both successfully treated with natural medicine. This life-changing experience, and living in an impoverished community, helped her realize the value of good and affordable healthcare, and it impassioned her to seek a career in natural medicine.

Polet graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine with a masters of Chinese medicine (MSTOM), specializing as an acupuncturist and herbalist. She interned at Rady’s Children Hospital and Integrative Health Community Style Acupuncture where she treated children and people without a means to healthcare. Polet is trained on Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy, Japanese meridian therapy and orthopedic acupuncture. With her biology undergrad Polet is working towards a Western Medical Doctorate as she understands that integration in Western and Oriental medicine makes for a more complete approach to healthcare. She is also a yoga instructor specializing in medical yoga to better aid her patients with exercise and specific movements that will accelerate their healing process as well as maintaining a holistic approach to overall health.   

Known for her gentle yet effective approach, Polet’s philosophy revolves around empowering patients to be their own healthcare advocate, by educating them on healthier lifestyles, diets, exercise, self-awareness, and mindfulness. She believes current or predisposed illnesses can be treated by adjusting your life to provide the best standard of health, in order to live happily and pain free. Polet specializes in mental/emotional and gastrointestinal disorders.

In her free time, Polet practices yoga, loves hiking, being outdoors, studying martial arts (choy li fut kung fu), and spending time with her dogs.

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Polet Loynaz LA.c., MSTOM

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