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Dynamic Contraction Technique

Discover DCT:

A Path to Enhanced Body Functionality Are you looking to revitalize your body, reduce pain, and prevent injuries? DCT offers a unique blend of resistance stretching and muscle strengthening, unlike any other method.


How DCT Transforms You


At the core of DCT is the principle of using sustained muscle contractions through a joint's full range. This process, distinct from traditional stretching, focuses on breaking up scar tissue and restoring strength. By isolating muscles with concentric contractions and transitioning to eccentric contractions while maintaining isometric tension, DCT effectively releases muscle and fascial tension. The result? Optimized functionality and performance.

Who Benefits from DCT?


Whether you're recovering from an injury, seeking to enhance athletic performance, or just looking to improve overall body functionality, DCT is your go-to solution. Our techniques are tailored to meet diverse needs - from rehabilitation to peak athletic conditioning.

Experience the DCT Difference

  • Revitalize Your Muscles: Break the cycle of stiffness and discomfort.

  • Enhance Flexibility and Strength: Achieve a balanced, stronger, and more flexible body.

  • Prevent Injuries: Address the root causes of muscular imbalances and weaknesses.


Schedule Your Session Today! Don't just dream of a better, stronger, more functional body - make it a reality. . Dr. Sanders is  ready to guide you towards a pain-free, high-performing lifestyle.

Discover the power of Dynamic Contraction Technique™ - where every stretch leads to strength!

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