Dr. Monireh (Moné) Aqoubzadeh  Integrative Wellnes Pactitioner

Building on the widely recognized vision that healing requires a cohesive balance of body, mind and spirit, Monireh (Moné), an educator, integrative wellness practitioner, international speaker, philanthropist, and a researcher has focused mainly on creating spaces to inspire others to be active thinkers for change and strong catalysts for their own healing and sense of well-being. She considers that even though the body seems to be a physical object, in reality it is a field of energy, intelligence, transformation, and creation. 


 Gleaning from years of international experience and training, she employs evidence-supported integrative approaches empowering her clients toward nourishment and healing. She customizes a unique plan for each client with whole-self modalities to enhance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states. In order to enhance the health of her clients and to explore insights into usually hard to pinpoint imbalances, Moné uses cutting edge system of bioenergetics technology to explore insight into the health of the energetic body.  This harnesses the body’s innate healing power by activating the body’s own information and energy to restore itself. 


Moné holds a bachelor of science, a master in transformational psychology and spirituality and health, and a doctorate on integrative health care. She also has extensive training in Nurturing Energy Medicine, Healing Touch, , Food as Medicine, Life Coaching, Child and Youth Development, Brain Health Coaching, and Spiritual Counseling.



Moné can help clients to activate their healing system in:


  • Restoring balance and relieving Pain

  • Calming Anxiety and depression

  • Strengthening the immune system

  • Nurturing the whole body for surgery

  • Enhancing recovery from surgery

  • Supporting Cancer Care

  • Creating a sense of rejuvenation, joy and well being

  • Easing acute, chronic, and hard to pinpoint conditions

  • Teens and Youth whole-self well-being

  • Stress care in times of trauma or transition


Sessions and pricing

Bio-field Therapy, Healing Touch         60-90 Minutes                    $135.00

Brain Health Therapy                              60-90 Minutes                    $135.00

Bio-Energetix Scan                                  60-90 minutes                   $155.00          

Healing Touch intro treatment              30-45 minutes                    $75.00                              

Complete Assessment with treatment, protocol, and coaching  $245.00                        

                                   This session can last up to three hours.

420 Walnut Ave, San Diego, CA 92103

Tel: 619-501-7626

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