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 Holistic Nutrition

Managing specific health problems through an integrative approach that encompasses nutrition, integrative health care focuses on how biochemical individuality, metabolic balance, ecological context, genetic predisposition, lifestyle patterns, emotional contributions and other factors have the potential to strongly influence human physiology and the push pull dynamics of health and disease. There is most definitely truth to the old saying “You are what you eat!"

Holistic Nutrition or Clinical Nutrition begins with an assessment of the patient; a case history, physical examination, review of current diet and lifestyle, kinesiology testing, neurotransmitter testing, stress, and anxiety management,. Attention must be paid to emotional and energetic systems as well . After the evaluation and testing is completed, the doctor will be able to make recommendations on what foods to eat, what foods to eliminate, how to remove toxins,  providing tools for stress and anxiety management, creating meditations to help restore life balance, and providing possible herbal supplements and homeopathic remedies for specific needs as well as suggesting appropriate physical  exercises. An array of detoxification programs are readily available, if recommended. 

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