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Your collaborator in well being

As a native San Diegan with ancestry originating in Southern California, Amber feels a strong connection to the area and community. An early found passion for theatre and the performing arts led Amber to obtain her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre with a minor in Dance. She completed her coursework at the University of California -- San Diego where she graduated cum laude in 2002. Her fascination with the human body and love of people led her to study massage therapy at the International Professional School of Bodywork (IPSB) resulting in her becoming a licensed massage therapist in 2004. She has been a practicing massage therapist ever since. A life-long learner, Amber decided to challenge herself and deepen her understanding of the body by enrolling in the vigorous acupuncture program at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) after several years of a private practice in massage therapy. In May 2013 she was bestowed with her Master’s of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine and was licensed to practice in the state of California in October of the same year.


Having a very thorough understanding of the human body Amber is as comfortable treating musculoskeletal issues as she is psycho-emotional issues. Her internships through PCOM gave her valuable experience working with Addiction at the Family Recovery Center in Oceanside, Gerontology at the downtown Seniors Clinic and Oncology at the San Diego Cancer Center. In addition to these specialized internships Amber completed many of her internship hours at PCOM’s student clinic where she treated a wide variety of cases from anxiety to pain management, gastrointestinal issues to gynecological issues. With a strong interest in herbal medicine, Amber often incorporates customized herbal formulas as a compliment and continuation of her acupuncture treatments.



Amber tends to treat her patients in a Japanese Meridian Therapy style which is characterized most notably by fewer needles, more shallow insertion of needles, the incorporation of both a front and back treatment and the use of moxibustion. With her 13 years of experience as a massage therapist she is often inspired to incorporate massage into her treatments and offers full massage sessions as well. Amber sees herself as your collaborator in well being and looks forward to supporting you through your process of healing whether it’s treating an acute condition, dealing with a long-standing problem, preventative care or anything in between.


Amber lives in South Park with her spouse, a fluffy cat named Mr. Mosley and a kitten named Lucy. She enjoys film, travel, dance, yoga, and studies and performs long-form improvisation at various theaters in San Diego.  

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 Amber Largent, LAc.

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